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Characteristics of precision steel pipe for mechanical fittings

The remarkable characteristics of precision steel pipe for mechanical fittings are as follows: 1. High tolerance dimension precision, product precision is controlled within the tolerance + – 0.05 mm; good finish, no oxidation layer on the internal and external surfaces, good inner wall cleanliness. 2. The cold-rolled precision tube has excellent bonding performance, can withstand high pressure, cold bending, flaring, flattening, no cracking, no wrinkling. Can do all kinds of complex deformation and machining processing. 3. The popularization and application of precision tube can save steel, improve processing efficiency, and reduce the investment of processing procedure and equipment. Years of experience in seamless steel pipe production and sales make the company more aware of the importance of product quality. We insist on taking product quality as the first factor for the survival of the enterprise, and strictly control the production, processing, logistics and other aspects to ensure that customers can get satisfactory products.

Main processing uses of cold-rolled precision steel pipe: cold-rolled precision steel pipe for gas spring, cold-rolled precision steel pipe for automobile shock absorber, cold-rolled precision steel pipe for motorcycle shock absorber, precision steel pipe for motor shell, precision seamless inner diameter steel pipe for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder, etc. The company has always been: good service, high quality, reasonable price, customer first, considerate service, let customers, honest and trustworthy for the purpose, in recent years, through the joint efforts of all staff and the friendly cooperation of brother units, can accurately grasp the information and opportunities, faster speed, continuous accumulation, continuous improvement, enterprise scale to better development and growth, and with high-quality service Products have won the trust of customers. In order to meet the needs of customers, our company has established a good cooperative relationship with large domestic manufacturers, providing various high-quality pipes produced by Hubei Xinye steel, Tianjin steel tube group, Baotou Steel, Baosteel, Anyang steel, Panzhihua Steel and other steel plants, as well as various heat treatment processes such as quenching and tempering, anaerobic annealing, etc. to meet the requirements of customers. With carbon steel, low alloy, high pressure alloy seamless steel pipe, welded pipe inventory. Carbon steel material: 20 #, 45 #, low alloy material: Q345B, 20Cr, 40Cr, 27SiMn, high pressure alloy material: 12Cr1MoV, 15CrMo, 15CrMoG, 12Cr1MoVG, etc. Spot stock, many materials, complete specifications, can fully meet the needs of customers one-stop procurement.

Post time: Jan-11-2021