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ST52 Q345B cold drawn alloy special shape carbon steel pipe

Short Description:

Special-shaped pipe is made of a variety of special-shaped seamless steel pipe by cold drawing, is in addition to the round pipe other cross-section shape of seamless steel pipe

  • Length: 5.8-12m or support customization
  • Thickness: 1.5-30mm or support customization
  • Outer diameter: Support customization
  • Standard: Industrial standard
  • Processing services: Welding and punching
  • Technology: Cold rolling and cold drawing
  • Application: Power transmission shaft
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Product Description

    Steel pipe can be divided into oval shape, triangle shape steel, hexagonal shaped steel tube, diamond shaped steel tube, octagonal steel tube, round deformed steel circle, not equilateral hexagon five disc shaped steel tube, the plum blossom shaped steel tube, double double concave and convex shape of steel pipe, steel pipe, melon seeds shaped steel tube and cone shaped steel tube, corrugated shape profiled steel pipe and so on.

    Compared with the circular pipe, the special-shaped pipe generally has a larger moment of inertia and section modulus, with a larger bending and torsional resistance, can greatly reduce the weight of the structure, save steel.

    The development of special-shaped tube is mainly the development of product varieties, including the shape of section, material and performance.Extrusion method, oblique die rolling method and cold drawing method are effective methods to produce special-shaped pipes, which are suitable for producing special-shaped pipes of various sections and materials.In order to produce a wide variety of special-shaped tubes, we must have a variety of production means.On the basis of the original only cold drawing, it has developed dozens of production methods such as roll drawing, extrusion, hydraulic, rotary rolling, spinning, continuous rolling, rotary forging and die - free drawing, and is constantly improving and creating new equipment and technology.

    Product Specification

    Product Name special shape seamless steel pipe
    shape Triangular
    Material 10#,20#,45#,Q345,A106-B,20Cr,40Cr,42CrMo,St37,St52,ASTM 4140 etc.16Mn, Q235,Q195,
    Standard JIS,GB,ASTM,DIN
    Technique Cold Rolled
    Length 5.8m~12m/customized design
    Surface Treatment black painting, varnish, oil, galvanized, anti corrosion coatings
    Packaging 1. Bundle packing.
    2. Bevelled end or plain end or warnished as per buyer's required.
    3. Marking: as per customer's requests.
    MOQ 10 ton for normal material
    Payment Terms T/T,L/C etc
    Advantages 1.Reasonable price with excellent quality
    2.Abundant stock and prompt delivery
    3.Rich supply and export experience, sincere service
    4.Reliable forwarder, 2-hour away from port.

    Product Packaging

    Packing Details  : Bundles with steel straip or Wooden box ,as customers' request

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